Amazing God

Just imagine that you were with the Israelites as they walked on dry ground through the Red Sea. Do you see the great wall of water on either side of you? Do you see the fish and other sea creatures swimming in the water around you? That must have been an awesome and terrifying experience for the Israelites!

When the Israelites reached the other side of the Red Sea, they must have been frightened to see the Egyptian army chasing after them. Then they must have been amazed to watch as God caused the Red Sea to flow back and cover the entire Egyptian army.

The Israelites were safe on dry land, and the Egyptians were drowned. Then the Israelites began to sing a song of praise to God. Exodus 15:2 is part of this song. “The Lord is my strength. He saves me, and I sing songs of praise to him. He is my God, and I praise him. He is the God of my ancestors, and I honor him.”

We must never forget how powerful and amazing God is! We may not see miracles like the Israelites saw. But we can see God working in our lives every day. Take time to praise God today. Thank Him for being so amazing!