Amazing God

In our Bible Reading today we find a song that Moses and the Israelites sang to God. Why did they sing this song? Because God had just led them through the Red Sea and destroyed the Egyptian army.
Just imagine that you were there with the Israelites walking on dry ground through the Red Sea. Do you see the great wall of water on either side? Do you see the fish and other sea creatures swimming in the water around you? How awesome and terrifying that must have been!
After the Israelites reached the other side of the sea, they must have been frightened to see the Egyptian army coming after them. The Israelites must have been amazed as God caused the Red Sea to flow back as it was before. The Egyptian army was drowned.
We must never forget how powerful and holy God is! Verse 11b tells us, “No, there are no gods like you — you are wonderfully holy! You are amazingly powerful! You do great miracles!”