Often in newspaper cartoons or on television, we see two people arguing. They shout back and forth, ?You did.? ?I didn?t.? ?Yes, you did!? ?No, I didn?t!? Sometimes it seems funny to see these people argue.
When we are angry, we may say things that do not make sense. If we fail to control our anger, we may do bad things. Later we are sorry we did those things.
If we become angry, it is good to take some time to ?cool down.? Maybe we can count to 100 or go for a long walk. Then our anger becomes less, and we can think more clearly.
It is not good for husbands and wives to be angry with each other. Ephesians 4:26 says, ?When you become angry, don?t let that anger make you sin. And don?t continue to be angry all day.? When problems happen, husbands and wives should pray together and forgive each other.
Be careful today. Don?t become angry easily.