Did you know that God can become angry? The Bible tells about many times when God became angry. In our Bible Reading today, God became angry with the Israelites because they were worshiping other gods. Verse 28 says, “The Lord became very angry and upset with them. So he took them out of their land. He put them in another land, where they are today.”
God was angry. Does that mean He sinned? No! But many people believe that anger is a sin. That isn’t true. Anger is an emotion, like love. It is not wrong to be angry. But anger can lead us to do sinful things. Anger becomes sin when we say or do wrong things because we are angry.
We all become angry at times. But we should not let our anger cause us to sin. Ask God to help you behave in the right way when you become angry. Ask Him to help you show love and mercy to others.