Animal Disease

The fifth plague that God sent was against animals. God told Moses that He would use His power to cause all the horses, donkeys, camels, cattle and sheep to get sick with a terrible disease. Exodus 9:6 tells us that this really happened. “The next morning the Lord did what he said. All the farm animals of the Egyptians died, but none of the animals that belonged to the Israelites died.” The Egyptians depended on their animals for food, clothing and transportation and to help with their work.

This plague was like the plague of flies. Only animals that belonged to the Egyptians were affected by the disease. The Israelites’ animals were not harmed. Pharaoh even sent his people to see if the Israelites’ animals died. God clearly showed His power by just punishing the Egyptian people. But still Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go free.

God works in our lives in wonderful ways every day. But sometimes we are like Pharaoh — we refuse to acknowledge that God is powerful and working in us. We may take His blessings for granted, or we may just be too busy to stop and think about the ways God helps us every day. God will bless you today. When you see His blessings, thank Him!