Animal Lessons (2)

Yesterday our devotion was about my cat, Jazzy. I told you that she is always ready for good things to happen. Today I am going to talk about Jazzy again. But I will tell you something she does not like.
Jazzy does not like the vacuum cleaner. When she sees the vacuum cleaner, she runs away. Sometimes she hides under a bed or crawls into a corner. Maybe she is scared of the loud noise. Or maybe she thinks that the vacuum will chase her. When the vacuum is shut off and put away, Jazzy will come back into the room.
Sometimes the devil tempts me to do something wrong. I don’t need to be afraid of the devil. Why? Because I know that God will protect me. But I need to run away from the devil like my cat runs away from the vacuum. I need to ask God to help me say “No!” to the devil.
In our Bible Reading today, we learn that we should be against the devil. Then he will run away from us. Ask God to help you be against the devil today.