Animal Lessons (3)

My cat, Jazzy, loves to be with me. Sometimes she comes and sits in my lap. At night she sleeps under the blanket on my bed. If I put Jazzy outside for a while, she is always happy to come inside with me. She purrs and rubs her head on my leg. Then I know she is happy to be with me.
I love to be close to God. When I sin, I disappoint God. My sins separate me from Him. Then I feel lonely and sad. I want to be close to God again – just like Jazzy wants to be with me.
When this happens, I need to tell God that I have done something wrong. Then I need to ask God to forgive me. He forgives me, and I can be close to Him again. It feels good to be close to God.
Verses 8-9a of our Bible Reading say, “I keep the Lord before me always. And I will never leave his right side. So my heart and soul will be very happy.” Try to keep close to God today.