Animal Lessons (4)

We have talked for a few days about my cat. I also have a dog. Her name is Babs. She is a big dog, and she eats a lot of food. It seems like Babs is always hungry. When I give her food, she wants more to eat. If I am cooking in the kitchen, she will watch me. She hopes I will give her some food. If I am eating, she pays attention to me. She thinks maybe I will drop some food that she can eat.
I should be like Babs. No, I shouldn’t want to eat food all the time! But I should want to read God’s Word, the Bible, all the time. I should be “hungry” for God’s Word. I should want to read it every day. Verse 2 of our Bible Reading says, “A good person loves the Lord’s teachings. He thinks about them day and night.” We can know the Lord’s teachings by reading the Bible.
The Bible is the most important book in the world. When we read the Bible, we can learn about God and about Jesus. We can also learn how to love and serve God.
I hope you are hungry for God’s Word today.