Animals (1)

Our Bible Reading today tells us about creation. When God made the world, He created many wonderful things ? the sun, stars, water, plants, animals, and people. God is truly powerful. There is no one like Him!
I love to read in the Bible about all the awesome things God has done. When I read about all that God has done, I realize that God can do whatever He wants to do!
God truly showed His power when He made all the animals. He made some animals to fly in the air and others to live in the water. And God made some animals to live on the land. But God made each animal to be special. Then God put these animals in special places on the earth.
For the next few days our devotions will talk about animals. It will be fun to think about different animals and how God made each one special.
When you see birds or squirrels or dogs or cats today, remember that God made them all. Be sure to thank God for making this beautiful world.