Animals (2)

I know a blind lady, Lexi, who has a guide dog. The guide dog helps Lexi when she is walking outside.
One day Lexi was walking. Suddenly a car started backing out of a driveway near Lexi. The dog pushed Lexi out of the way. But the car hit the guide dog. Lexi only had a few scratches from falling down, but the dog was hurt very badly. It was several months before Lexi?s dog could go for a walk again.
Our Bible verses today talk about Jesus. A long time ago, Jesus did something for us. He died on the cross and accepted the punishment for our sins. Jesus suffered a terrible death for you and for me.
Lexi?s dog saved her from being hit by a car. But Jesus did something much greater. Jesus loved us so much that He saved us from eternal punishment.
Take time to praise God for sending Jesus to die on the cross for you.