Animals (2)

Ground squirrels have been living in my yard for several years. At first, they seemed to be cute creatures. But then they started burrowing tunnels under our front steps. The foundation under the steps collapsed and the steps broke. My husband and I decided that the ground squirrels were not cute any more.
Our Bible Reading today talks about two men who built houses on different foundations. One man built his house on a strong foundation. The other man built his house on a weak foundation. When a storm came, the first house stood strong. But the house built on the sand was destroyed.
The first man is like a person who builds his life on Jesus. When bad times happen, this person is able to stand strong. The second man is like a person who builds his life on things in the world. This person cannot stand strong. Why? Because he did not build his life on Jesus.
Make sure that you build your life on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ.