Animals (3)

When I was a child, I had a very small dog named Pansy. She was a pretty dog, and she was very obedient.
Pansy liked to do things with me. Sometimes I would put a blanket in the basket of my bicycle. Then I would put Pansy on the blanket, and we would take a bicycle ride together.
At first, Pansy wanted to jump out of the basket. Why? Because she was afraid. But soon Pansy learned that she would be okay. She trusted me to take care of her.
Sometimes I am afraid, too. Then I depend on God to take away my fear. Often God works through other people to help me with my worries. But sometimes people can?t help me. Then I remember that God is all-powerful. Verse 8b of our Bible Reading reminds me that I can always trust God to help me.
Maybe you will become afraid or worried today. Remember that you can always depend on God to help you and comfort you.