Animals (3)

My dog is happy most of the time. She wags her tail and becomes very excited. My dog knows that I love her and will take good care of her. She likes to be with me, and she is sad when I am gone. My dog feels secure and happy when she is close to me.
Sometimes when bad things happen, I feel alone and sad. But I should not feel this way. Why? Because God is always with me. He loves me and takes care of me.
Our Bible Reading today is a psalm (song) written by David. David was a very good shepherd and king. But sometimes he made foolish mistakes. In these Bible verses, David praised God. David knew that God would never leave him alone. He knew that God would protect him. God was not always happy with David. But God was still there to help David during his battles and hard times.
God will help us, too. We need to ask Him to help us. Then we need to rely on Him to help and protect us. God is so good! Praise Him today because He takes care of us.