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For many years my local radio station had a program called the ?Worry Bird.? People called the radio station and shared their worries and complaints.
There is no real bird called a worry bird. But sometimes when a person worries a lot, I call them a worry bird. If there was a real worry bird, I imagine it would have ruffled feathers. Probably it would shake all over and pace back and forth.
When I worry, I am nervous and afraid. Often I am restless, and I can?t sit still. I think about my problem all the time. Sometimes my worries make me feel sick.
But I don?t want to be a worry bird. I want to remember the words of 1 Peter 5:7, ?Give all your worries to him [God], because he cares for you.? I need to remember to give all my troubles and worries to God.
Maybe you will start to worry today. I hope you will remember to give your worries to God.