Animals (5)

My friend, Charlotte, adopted a dog from an animal shelter. The dog?s name was Lady. Charlotte was happy to have a new dog. And Lady was happy to have a good home and someone to take care of her.
When Charlotte went to the animal shelter, she looked at many dogs. But Charlotte chose Lady. Why? Because she thought Lady was a special dog.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that God has adopted us as His children. Verse 5b says, ?…before the world was made, God decided to make us his own children through Jesus Christ. That was what God wanted to do. That pleased him.?
Wow! God thinks we are special. He wants us to be His children. God has also prepared a special place for His adopted children to live. In that special place, there will be no sin, sickness, death or sadness.
You are special to God. He wants You to be His child. Love and serve God today.