Animals (5)

Have you ever seen a stork? A stork is a large bird. Sometimes we see a picture of a stork on a card that announces the birth of a baby. The card often shows a stork carrying a baby wrapped in a blanket. The stork is holding the blanket in his long beak. Of course, storks do not really bring babies to people. But this is a cute way to share the good news about a new baby.
Our Bible Reading today tells us some Good News, too. This is the very best news of all. The Good News is that Jesus is God?s Son. He came to earth to save us from our sins. We should share the Good News about Jesus? birth, life, death and resurrection with everyone. Because Jesus died and arose, we have the hope of eternal life with God. That is very good news!
Jesus told us to share the Good News with everyone in the world. Then, ?Any person that believes and is baptized will be saved? (Mark 16:16a). Share this Good News with someone today.