Animals (6)

Yesterday we talked about a stork being a symbol of good news. Today we will talk about a bird that warns other birds of danger.
We have many birds in our yard. In the early morning, many of these birds sing. But one kind of bird makes a very loud noise. He only makes the noise when there is some danger nearby.
I do not like the noise this bird makes, but it reminds me about something that we should do. Christians have an enemy in this world ? the devil. The devil tempts us to sin. When we sin, God is sad. The devil wants us to live forever with him, separated from God.
We should be like the noisy bird in my yard. We should warn people about the devil. We can do that by telling them about Jesus. Then we can also tell them how to avoid the devil.
I hope you will be like the noisy bird today. Tell other people about Jesus and His great plan of salvation for all people.