Animals (7)

There is an herb garden growing in my yard. One plant in the garden is parsley.
One year my husband noticed there were ugly caterpillars on the parsley. So he read several books about caterpillars. My husband learned that these caterpillars would turn into beautiful butterflies. After a short time, we had lovely butterflies in our garden. It was exciting to see something ugly become something beautiful.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that when we become Christians, God makes us new people. Through God?s grace, He changes our ugly life of sin into a beautiful life of forgiveness. God thinks Christians are beautiful!
If you are not a Christian yet, I encourage you to read the Bible and learn more about God and Jesus. Learn how you can accept God?s wonderful gift of salvation. Or maybe you are a Christian but you have turned away from God. Ask Him to forgive you. God will help you have a beautiful life again.