Our Bible Reading today is a song of praise to God. The writer gives praise for the many things God created for us – the earth, water, animals, trees, mountains, the sun and the moon. Verse 24 says, “Lord, you have done many wonderful things. The earth is full of the things you made.”
In these verses, several different animals are mentioned: donkeys, birds, storks, goats, rock badgers, lions and sea creatures. I am so glad God made animals to help us and for us to enjoy. We can have pets in our homes. We can watch animals like birds and squirrels near our homes. And, we can even see wild animals in a zoo.
We need to remember that God made all the animals in the world. Genesis chapter 1 tells us that God made fish and birds on the fifth day. On the sixth day, He made the land animals. It is wonderful to think that He made all of these animals for you and for me! Thank God today for all His creation.