Answered Prayer

When I was young, my family lived on a farm. Often my brothers would leave the screen door open. Then many flies would come into the house.
One day three friends and I were playing. We pretended that we were in church. One girl asked me to pray. So I prayed, and I asked God to keep the flies out of our house! Soon after that, my mother bought a special spring that fastened the screen door very tightly. Then no more flies came into the house. God answered my prayer!
Sometimes we think that God only pays attention to prayers that are prayed by adults with big, fancy words. But God listens to our prayers, even if we are young or we pray about something that is simple. In verse 3 of our Bible Reading, David said, “You know that the Lord listens to his good people. So the Lord hears me when I pray to him.”
God is interested in you and what you do every day. Talk to Him and tell Him your praises and your problems.