Answered Prayer

My son had a problem with his arm, so I took him to the doctor. The doctor said that my son needed to have some medical tests.
I took my son to the hospital for the tests. I knew that some of the tests would be painful, so I was very concerned about my son. It was difficult to sit in the room and wait. I prayed all the time I was there. Finally my son was finished with the tests. He told me that it had been painful, but the tests showed that he would not need surgery on his arm.
In our Bible verses today, the writer praised God for many things. One thing was answered prayer. Verse 2 says, “Anyone can come to you, and you will listen to their prayers.” God heard my prayer and took care of my son.
Are you worried about something today? Are you concerned about someone who is sick? Give your worries to God. He will always answer your prayers and do what is best for you!