Answered Prayers (1)

The first chapter of the book of Joel is filled with sad messages from God. In verse 3, God said, “You will tell these things to your children. Your children will tell their children. And your grandchildren will tell the people of the next generation.” Why did God want the Israelites to tell these sad things to their children? So later they would remember that God had helped them.
After my husband died, my life was very difficult. One time my son needed new glasses, and I didn’t have the money to buy them. My son shared this need with his Sunday School class and asked them to pray about it.
Later a man from our church came to our house. He asked me about the glasses that my son needed. I gave him the information from the eye doctor, and a few days later this man came back. He had a new pair of glasses for my son. People prayed about this situation, and God provided an answer.
I have reminded my sons about this story many times. Why? Because I want them to remember how God took care of us. Don’t forget that God will take care of you today!