Answered Prayers (3)

Verse 16b of our Bible Reading says, “…the Lord God will be a safe place for his people. He will be a place of safety for the people of Israel.”
I have a “safe place” in my life where I can be alone with God and feel safe. In my house I have a special place where I have a comfortable chair. Sitting next to the chair on a table are my Bible and other books I use to help me study the Bible. I go to this safe place every day.
No matter what is happening in my life, I know that I can sit in my chair and talk with God. I praise God for what He has done for me, and I share my needs with Him. When I talk to God, I can tell Him about everything that is happening in my life. I also talk to God about my family members and friends who are facing problems or sickness.
You can talk to God today. You don’t need a special place — you can talk to Him anywhere. God is waiting for You to reach out to Him. He wants to show You His love and answer your prayers.