Answered Prayers

I am part of a small prayer group at my church. Usually four to eight people come together to pray. We believe that God is with us as we pray. So we meet and pray every week.
One woman shared that her granddaughter had stopped following Jesus. We prayed that God would help this girl come back to Him. The next week, the woman shared God?s ?yes? answer. Her granddaughter had gone to church that week!
But God does not always answer our prayer requests with ?yes? answers. Sometimes He gives us a ?wait? answer or a ?no? answer.
One time our group prayed for a man who was dying. We prayed that God would heal him. But God allowed the man to die. Then we realized that the man did receive perfect healing ? in heaven!
Our Bible Reading today tells us that we can pray to God about anything that happens in our lives. And, we can always depend on God to answer our prayers in the very best way possible.