Apostles (12)

Another apostle of Jesus was Judas, the son of James. We read in our Bible Reading today that he was also called Thaddaeus.
Like some of Jesus’ other apostles, we do not know much about Judas. He was chosen by Jesus early in His ministry, and he stayed faithful to Jesus. He is listed in Acts, chapter 1, as being one of the followers who was there when the church began.
We can read about many things that Peter and John did. But we have no information about Judas and what he did. Maybe you are like Judas. You work hard for God’s kingdom, but no one notices what you do. Maybe you even feel that you are not important to God.
Remember that God always notices what you do, even if what you do seems unimportant. He is happy when you are willing to do something for His church.
What will you do for God’s kingdom today?