Apostles (13)

Today we will talk about another Judas. This man is usually called Judas Iscariot. He was known as a thief and a traitor. Judas was the one apostle who did not stay faithful to Jesus.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus was talking with His apostles right before He was arrested and crucified. In verse 21b Jesus said, “I tell you the truth. One of you will be against me.” Jesus was talking about Judas.
Then Jesus took some bread and dipped it and gave it to Judas. Verse 27 tells us that when “Judas took the bread, Satan (the devil) entered him. Jesus said to Judas, ‘The thing that you will do — do it quickly!’”
Then Judas went out and betrayed Jesus. He had already planned with the Jewish leaders to turn over Jesus so they could arrest and kill Him. Later Judas hanged himself.
The story of Judas is so sad. He followed God’s Son, but he gave it all up so he could serve the devil.
Who will you serve today?