Apostles (14)

Judas died and there were only eleven apostles left. So after Jesus left earth and went back to heaven, the apostles met to choose someone to replace Judas.
In verses 21 and 22, Peter gave the qualifications for the man who would replace Judas. “So now another man must join us and become a witness of Jesus’ resurrection (rising from death). This man must be one of those men who were part of our group during all the time when the Lord Jesus was with us. This man must have been with us from the time John began to baptize people until the day when Jesus was carried up from us into heaven.”
The apostles chose two men — Justus and Matthias. Then they prayed and asked God to help them choose the right man to replace Judas. Matthias was chosen to be the twelfth apostle. “So he became an apostle with the other eleven.” (verse 26b).
It must have been exciting for Matthias to work and serve with the other apostles. God had a plan for Matthias, and He has a plan for your life, too.
What is God’s plan for you today?