Apostles (15)

Our last devotion in this series is about Paul. Some people do not consider Paul an apostle. Why? Because he did not serve and follow Jesus when He lived on earth.
Paul certainly loved Jesus and told people all over the world about Him. And in our Bible Reading today, Paul called himself an apostle. Paul said that he was “an apostle to the non-Jews” (verse 13b). Then Paul continued to tell how the Jews rejected Jesus. So God sent Paul to teach the Gentiles (non-Jews) about Jesus.
Paul made several missionary journeys and traveled to many places where they had never heard about Jesus. Paul was beaten, ridiculed, shipwrecked and even left for dead. All of these things happened to him because he taught about Jesus.
Paul faithfully obeyed Jesus and gave his life in service to Him. That’s what a good apostle does.
Will you be like Paul today?