Apostles (3)

Andrew was Peter’s brother. Peter became a great leader in the early church. But it was Andrew who first brought Peter to Jesus (John 1:42).
Our Bible Reading tells us that one day Andrew was with Jesus. Jesus taught a large group of people for a long time, and the people were hungry. Jesus asked His disciples where they could buy enough bread for the people to eat.
Andrew brought a boy to Jesus. Andrew said (verse 9a), “Here is a boy with five loaves of barley bread and two little fish.” Jesus took that food and thanked God for it. He gave the fish and bread to all the people. Jesus fed more than 5000 people, and there were twelve basketfuls of food left over!
The New Testament does not tell us much about Andrew. But in this Bible story, he was a servant and a helper. God wants us to be His servants and helpers, too.
What can you do for God today?