Apostles (4)

James and his brother, John, were sons of Zebedee. Mark 3:17b tells us, “Jesus gave them the name Boanerges. This name means ‘Sons of Thunder.’” We do not know why Jesus gave this name to James and John. But I imagine that they were big, rough fishermen with loud voices!
Our Bible Reading tells about a time when James experienced something very special. Jesus took James, Peter and John on a mountain. While Jesus was praying, His face changed and “His clothes became shining white” (verse 29b). Moses and Elijah were with Jesus, too.
A cloud covered Peter, James and John. A voice came from the cloud. “The voice said, ‘This is my Son. He is the One I have chosen. Obey him’” (verse 35b). This experience showed James and the other apostles that Jesus was truly God’s Son and the One they should worship.
Who will you worship today?