Apostles (8)

Our Bible Reading today tells us about Matthew. He was also called Levi. Matthew was a tax collector. Tax collectors at that time were Jewish men who collected taxes for the Roman government. However, most of the tax collectors were dishonest. They would collect more money than what the Romans wanted. Then they would keep the extra money for themselves. That’s why many Jews hated tax collectors.
We do not know if Matthew was honest or dishonest. But we do know that Matthew met Jesus. Jesus asked Matthew to follow Him. So Matthew “got up, left everything, and followed Jesus” (verse 28b).
The Bible does not tell us much more about Matthew. But we know that Matthew wrote the first book of the New Testament. Matthew carefully gathered information about Jesus and wrote it down so others could learn about Jesus, too.
Matthew was willing to give up everything to follow Jesus. What are you willing to give up so that you can follow Him, too?