Apple Seeds

I am retired, so I have time to try new things. One thing I am trying is gardening. Because I don’t have a lot of experience, I buy inexpensive plants or grow the plants from seeds.
One day, I was eating an apple. I looked at the seeds inside the apple and thought about planting them. There were only four seeds inside. But I ate another apple and there were five seeds inside.
If I would plant these seeds and they grew into trees, I don’t know how many apples would grow from each seed. But God knows how many apples would grow. He is omniscient — He knows everything!
In verse 1 of our Bible Reading today, David said, “Lord, you tested me. You know all about me.” God knew about David, and He knows about us. He knows where we go and what we are thinking.
I am so happy that God is all-knowing. It is a blessing to believe and follow Him!