Apron of Flowers*

Many years ago my great-aunt was in her yard. She saw a wagon passing by her house. The wagon was loaded with a burial box. The only person following the wagon was a woman. Her son had died, and she was going to bury him. No other mourners followed the wagon.
My aunt felt very sorry for the mother. She ran to her garden and filled her apron with flowers. She followed the wagon and put the flowers on the grave. My aunt’s act of love was important to that mother.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about a time when Jesus was traveling to the city of Nain. He saw a group of mourners. A woman’s only son had died. Jesus felt sorry for this mother. He brought her son back to life.
We cannot raise people from the dead like Jesus did. But we can show people that we love them and care about them. When someone is sad, we can share their hurt. When we show kindness to these people, they will know that we share in their suffering. When we do this, we are living like Jesus lived.