Artificial Flowers

I have some artificial (not real) flowers in my house. These flowers are pretty and I don?t need to water them. Artificial flowers can be put in vases or baskets or used as decorations. Some people even spray perfume on artificial flowers so they will smell like real flowers.
If I look at an artificial flower from far away, I may think it is a real flower. But when I closely compare real flowers and artificial flowers, there is one big difference. Artificial flowers are not alive. They are not the ?real thing.?
Today many people teach things that are not from the Bible. We call these people false teachers. In our Bible Reading today, Peter warned about false teachers. In verse 1b, Peter says, ?They will teach things that are wrong…And those false teachers will teach in a way that will be hard for you to see that they are wrong.?
When someone teaches you, make sure that it agrees with the Bible. Don?t accept artificial teaching. Only depend on the real Word of God.