Our Bible Reading today is a song written by a man named Asaph. This is probably the same man mentioned in 1 Chronicles 16:5-7.
Asaph was a Levite. Members of this tribe took care of the temple and Israelite worship services. 1 Chronicles 16:5 says that Asaph was the leader of a group who played musical instruments for worship. 1 Chronicles 16:7 tells us that David chose Asaph and his brothers to sing praises to God.
Asaph wrote this song to praise God. But he also wrote these verses to remind the Israelites that they should obey God. God said that they had disobeyed Him by ignoring His commands, saying evil things and telling lies (verses 16-19). But in verse 21, God said, “…I will not be quiet any longer. I will correct you and make clear what I have against you.”
The Israelites sang Psalm 50 as they worshiped God. This song reminded them to obey God. And these verses should encourage us, too, to stay close to God.