At the Cross (4)

Our Bible verses today tell us about what happened right after Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb.
Some women had followed Jesus when He traveled to Jerusalem from Galilee. These are probably the same women who were at the cross when Jesus died (John 19:25). They followed Joseph and saw Jesus’ tomb. These women went “to prepare some sweet-smelling spices to put on the body” (verse 56a).
The rest of verse 56 tells us that first the women rested. Why? Because it was the Sabbath Day, and God had told the Jews to rest on the Sabbath Day. It was important that they put spices on Jesus’ body, but it was even more important that the women obey God’s rules.
Sometimes we think that we have very important things we must do. But the most important thing we can do is to obey God. We can read the Bible and learn what God wants us to do. Obey and trust Him today!