Athaliah’s Death

Athaliah learned about Jehoiada’s plan to make Joash the king. But all the army officers and temple guards helped Jehoiada and Joash. Athaliah was very upset. Jehoiada ordered the army officers to take Athaliah away and kill her.
After Athaliah was killed, the kingdom of Judah had a king from David’s family again. The people were very happy. Jehoiada and Joash led the people back to God. They destroyed the temple of Baal and made the people stop worshiping idols (2 Chronicles 23:16-17).
Later, Jehoiada and Joash ordered the people to repair God’s temple. Then the people could use the temple to worship God (2 Chronicles 24:1-14).
For many years, the people of Judah suffered because of the influence of Ahab and his family. Finally Judah had a king who followed God and wanted to obey Him. God was happy, and He blessed the people.