God lets us choose. We can react to situations with the right attitude or the wrong attitude. We cannot always change our circumstances, but we can change our attitudes.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus taught about the blessings that He will give us. Verse 3 says, “What great blessings there are for the people that know they have spiritual needs. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” This reminds us that we all need God!
Verse 5 talks about blessings for people who are humble. This helps us understand that our attitudes are important. Our attitudes direct what we do. If we have a humble attitude, we will be kind to people.
Verse 6 reminds us that we need to do “right more than anything else.” Then God will fully satisfy us. Each verse in our Bible Reading helps us draw closer to Jesus and His comfort, mercy and peace.
Do you want God’s blessings today? Make sure that you have the right attitudes.