Avoid False Teachers

Revelation chapters two and three include seven messages from Jesus. Each message is to a specific group of followers, but all Christians can learn from these messages.
Today’s reading is the message for the church in Thyatira. Jesus said the followers in Thyatira were doing good things. They loved God. They had faith in Jesus. And they worked hard to serve Him. All these things made Jesus happy.
But these followers had one problem. There was a false prophet who met with them. She was teaching some of the other Christians to worship idols and commit sexual sins. The Christians in Thyatira should have forced this person to stop sinning, or to leave. But they did not. This did not make Jesus happy.
Jesus does not want us to accept evil. When someone is teaching others to sin, we need to stop that person. If that person refuses to stop, then we must separate ourselves from that person. That way we will not be tempted to sin.