Babies in Christ

If you are deaf, maybe you have tried to sign to a hearing person who was just learning sign language. You had an important message to tell them. But they just couldn’t understand what you were signing. Finally you fingerspelled each word for them. Those people were babies in sign language. Just like a baby needs milk, those people need very simple sign language.

In our Bible Reading today, the writer had so many things to teach the people. But these Christians were not mature. They were like babies. They could not understand what the writer wanted to teach them. These babies in Christ still needed to learn about right living. They did not know the difference between good and evil.
Today we have the Bible to read and study. We can spend time each day learning from God’s Word. Then we can do what the Bible teaches. That way we can mature in Christ. When we are mature Christians, we are able to love and forgive each other.
Maybe you are still a baby in Christ. Take time to study the Bible so you can learn how to become a mature Christian.