Baby Pacifiers

Sometimes babies suck on a pacifier instead of sucking on a bottle of milk. But pacifiers are empty. They do not give a baby any milk. A baby cannot grow by sucking on a pacifier.
In our Bible Reading today, God said that the Jews were worshiping Baal and other false gods. Verse 13a says, “People of Judah, you have many idols – there are as many idols as there are towns in Judah. You have built many altars for worshiping that disgusting god Baal.” God was sad and angry that His people were worshiping idols. These people stopped trusting God and put their trust in false gods. That is like a baby sucking on an empty pacifier. The baby receives no food. In the same way, people who worship idols cannot receive God’s spiritual food.
Maybe you have made your education, your family, your job or your money more important than worshiping God. Always remember that God should be the most important part of your life.