Bad Days

Do you ever have a bad day? Maybe you had a bad day because you were sad, lonely, worried, afraid or discouraged.
God knows that we all have bad days. What does God want us to do when we have a bad day? Should we turn away from God? No! Should we blame God for our bad day? No! When we have a bad day, God wants us to turn to Him. He wants us to praise Him and ask Him to give us joy, strength and encouragement.
It seems that the writer of Psalm 102 was having a bad day! He talked about things that were happening in his life — not eating, not sleeping, being lonely, being made fun of. The writer said that he was “like dry and dying grass” (verse 11b). But in verse 12, the writer stopped talking about the bad things and started to praise God.
That is what we should do when we are having a bad day. We should praise God! God loves us, and He will help us through our bad days. Whether you are having a good day or bad day today, be sure to praise God.