Bad Decisions

We all make mistakes and bad decisions. Often the consequences of these mistakes do not cause us big problems. But sometimes these wrong decisions can tear our lives apart.
One time my husband and I made a decision to trust someone. In the end, the situation turned out badly. The person that we trusted disappeared overnight! This mistake changed our lives forever.
When this happened, we did not know what to do. We asked God to forgive us for our mistake and to show us what we should do. Slowly we were able to rebuild our lives.
In our Bible Reading for today, God talked about the nation of Israel. These people had been taken from their homes. Their cities were destroyed. But God said that He would restore them to their homes again. “And they will never again be pulled up out of the land that I have given them” (verse 15b).
Are you facing problems today because of a mistake you made? Ask for forgiveness and depend on God to guide you.