Bad Feelings

Sometimes it is hard to understand our feelings about other people. It is especially difficult when we have bad feelings about another person. Maybe you work hard at your job. You think that you will get a raise and a higher position. But instead, your boss hires someone else. You might have bad feelings toward your boss.
If you have bad feelings like this, what do you do? Do you quickly get rid of these feelings? Or do you keep these bad feelings inside you for a long time? If you keep these feelings inside you, you will not have peace in your life.
God wants us to have peace and joy in our lives. We need to let God help us get rid of bad feelings. He can change those bad feelings into good feelings. God can remove your jealousy and hate and replace them with His wonderful love.
Our Bible Reading today tells us some things to do when we have bad feelings toward other people – be patient, say good things, live in peace, be humble and do good things. You can depend on God to help you overcome bad feelings.