Bad Things

Bad things happen to all people. Bad things happen to both Christians and non-Christians. Bad things happened to David, too. King Saul wanted to kill him for many years. David?s enemies made fun of him and chased him.
Our Bible Reading today is a psalm (song) that King David wrote. He had experienced many bad things in his life. But David continued to thank and praise God. Why? Because David knew that God would help him through all the bad things that happened.
The Old Testament tells us that bad things happened to the Israelites. But they did not thank and praise God. Instead, they complained. Because of their complaining, God made them wander in the desert for 40 years.
We all experience bad things. These bad things may be sickness, divorce or death. But instead of complaining, we should thank and praise God like David did.
Are bad things happening to you today? Depend on God to keep you strong.