Children always enjoy playgrounds. They swing, slide, climb and play ball. When I was a child, my favorite was the teeter-totter. Sometimes I sat high up in the air; at other times, my feet dug into the ground. When two children balance their weight on a teeter-totter, the board is level and they can see each other eye-to-eye.
We need to have balance in what we know about God. First, we need to understand that He loves us. Verse 16a of our Bible Reading says, “So we know the love that God has for us, and we trust that love. God is love.” Second, we also need to understand that God hates our sin. But the good news is that God sent Jesus to earth to die. Through Jesus’ death, we can have our sins forgiven.
God has a wonderful plan for our salvation. Jesus did the work when He died on the cross. Our response is to follow and obey Jesus and give our lives to Him.