I slammed our bedroom door. Tears were streaming down my face. Silently I prayed, “Oh, God, my children are fighting and I don’t know what to do!”
Two of my teenage children were fighting with words. They were saying terrible things to each other. Finally they obeyed my order and went to their bedrooms. But I was still frustrated. I searched for reasons why they were acting this way. I blamed myself for not being a good parent.
Then I read the verses from Psalm 55. The writer of those verses had enemies who threatened and attacked him. I found comfort in the words from verse 18. “I have fought in many battles, but he has always rescued me and brought me back safely.” I realized that God would help me as I disciplined and taught my daughters. I asked God for peace and wisdom.
What battles will you face today? Remember that God will be with you and give you help and comfort.