Be a Blessing

There is a bus stop near my apartment. There is no shelter at this bus stop. However, there are several evergreens planted on the hill nearby. These trees are a blessing! They provide a windbreak and sunshade for people who are standing at the bus stop.
All day different groups of people stand under these trees as they wait for the buses. This area has been packed down and there is only a little grass. I have always thought that this would bother the roots of the trees and they would stop growing. But each year, the trees grow taller.
These trees helped me realize that all Christians have an important job to do in the church. We don’t have any excuse. God can use each person in some way. Verse 12b of our Bible Reading says, “Yes, there are many parts to a body, but all those parts make only one body. Christ is like that too.”
If you are a Christian, you are an important part of the church. God will show you how you can serve Him and be a blessing to others.