Be a True Friend

Recently my friend came to my house for dinner. He had lived with his father for about 30 years. But a few weeks earlier, his father had died. We wanted to show my friend that we cared about him, so we asked him to eat dinner with us.
The minute my friend walked into our house, he started talking. During dinner, my wife and I sat and ate and listened to him talk. We said only a few words all evening. When my friend left, he said, ?Thank you!?
This experience reminded me that being a true friend sometimes means just listening. Often when our friends are sad or grieving, they just need someone to be with them.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul says that the Christians in Corinth shared in his sufferings. He also said that they shared in God?s true comfort. Verse 7b says, ?We know that you share in our sufferings. So we know that you also share in our comfort.?
Be a true friend today. Share God?s comfort with your friends.