Be Bold

When I was young, I was very timid and shy. I wanted people to like me and accept me. I did not want to do things that made other people upset with me.
Our Bible Reading shows us that Peter and John were not like that. They were very bold. They preached about Jesus to the Jewish leaders. Peter and John did not care if the leaders became upset and punished them.
Verse 13b tells us what the Jewish leaders thought about Peter and John. “They also realized that Peter and John had been with Jesus.” Peter and John had lived and worked with Jesus. Jesus was real to them. That’s why Peter and John were able to speak boldly.
When I was convinced that I needed Jesus as my Savior, I became more bold. I knew that He would be with me, help me and protect me. Then I began to witness to others about what Jesus had done for me.
I hope you will be bold for Jesus today!